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I am a professional freestyle rapper who brings a spark of energy to events! I summarize what's transpired in a fun and interactive way by taking suggestions from audience members or by running a live-stream where audience members can comment and I, in turn incorporate their comments into my performance. I can also write a customized rap prior to the event to support the theme of the event. There's a great deal of customization involved and I always work to make my clients look amazing! 

I perform at conferences, corporate events, fundraisers, galas, and private events. My performances bring a jolt of energy to events, while simultaneously supporting the underlying theme of the event and ingraining into audience members’ hearts everything you want them to remember. What Lin Manuel Miranda has done for ‘Hamilton’, I can do for your next event!

‘Until you experience a party with Kimyung it's hard to describe the energy he brings to an event or a party. He brings out the lighter side of everyone and brings a new life to any party.  He's brilliant.’ Jere Metcalf, Founding Agent at Compass