Kimyung Kim merges freestyle rap and the professional world, like no other!  He's an energetic, quick witted, one-of-a-kind talent! His freestyle rapping ability will captivate any audience and amaze them and make them double over with laughter. If they don't double over, he just pushes them to the ground (which is basically the same idea). 

Kimyung is a lyrical genius. When he freestyle raps, Chuck Norris stops his roundhouse kick midair and says 'dang that boy can rhyme!' He pulls references out of nowhere and his raps remind you of the first time you (insert awesome, life-changing experience here). 

He's performed in front of crowds of 1,000+. From Conferences to Corporate Events, Kimyung can perform an act you'd invite your grandma to (pending grannie doesn't have a heart condition). He can center his performance around everything the audience learned or the theme of the event in the most remarkable way!